A Secular Age

A Secular Age


A New York Times Notable Book of the Year
A Times Literary Supplement Book of the Year
A Globe and Mail Best Book of the Year
A Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year
A Tablet Best Book of the Year
Winner of a Christianity Today Book Award

"One finds big nuggets of insight, useful to almost anybody with an interest in the progress of human society."
-The Economist

"Taylor takes on the broad phenomenon of secularization in its full complexity...[A] voluminous, impressively researched and often fascinating social and intellectual history."
-Jack Miles, Los Angeles Times

"A Secular Age is a work of stupendous breadth and erudition."
-John Patrick Diggins, New York Times Book Review

"A culminating dispatch from the philosophical frontlines. It is at once encyclopedic and incisive, a sweeping overview that is no less analytically rigorous for its breadth."
-Steven Hayward, Cleveland Plain Dealer

"[A] thumping great volume."
-Stuart Jeffries, The Guardian

"Very occasionally there appears a book destined to endure. A Secular Age is such a book."
-Edward Skidelsky, Daily Telegraph

"It is refreshing to read an inquiry into the condition of religion that is exploratory in its approach."
-John Gray, Harper's

"A Secular Age represents a singular achievement."
-Christopher J. Insole, Times Literary Supplement

"A determinedly brilliant new book."
-London Review of Books

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