Boulevard Wren and Other Stories

Boulevard Wren and Other Stories


Boulevard Wren and Other Stories is the stunning follow-up to the bestselling Gospel According to Blindboy, and a warped mirror held up to the Irish psyche.

Provocative and unsettling, the stories rove through the centuries, from the barren fields of Famine-struck Meath to the chaotic landscape of the near future, where social media has colonised the deepest recesses of the human subconscious. This is a world populated by characters lost and at odds with the demands of contemporary life, for whom the line separating redemption and madness has grown impossibly fine.

Razor-sharp social commentary, it is an era-defining work from one of Ireland's most anarchic satirists.

Praise for The Gospel According to Blindboy:

'Mad, wild, hysterical.' Kevin Barry, author of Night Boat to Tangier

'There is genius in this book, warped genius. Like you'd expect from a man who for his day job wears a plastic bag on his head but something beyond that too. Oddly in keeping with the tradition of great Irish writers.' Russell Brand

'One of Ireland's finest and most intelligent comic minds delivers stories so blisteringly funny and sharp your fingers might bleed. In language so delicious you can taste it, we're shown holy and unholy Ireland: a land of lock-ins, nettle stings, stone-mad Cork birds, gas cunts and Guiney's jeans. No one is safe - we all have the unmerciful piss ripped out of us and there's no escape from the emotional gut punches, expertly dealt.' Tara Flynn

'If you've ever witnessed a Rubberbandits video you'll be anxious (there's no other word for it) to read this collection of short stories from one of the originators. I hesitate to use the word author as the experience is as close to reading a traditional short story as being burnt by a blow torch. Essential, funny and disturbing.' Danny Boyle

'Demented, dishevelled and deeply surreal - Blindboy Boatclub's book will shock and delight.' Irish independent

'It's not for the faint-hearted.'

'You won't be disappointed. It will take you to places unexpected.' Ryan Tubridy

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