Cancer Is Not a Disease - It's a Healing Mechanism

Cancer Is Not a Disease - It's a Healing Mechanism


In this expanded edition of Cancer Is Not a Disease, Andreas Moritz proves the point that cancer is the physical symptom that reflects our body's final attempt to deal with life-threatening cell congestion and toxins. He claims that removing the underlying conditions that force the body to produce cancerous cells setsthe preconditions for complete healing of our body, mind and emotions.

This book confronts you with a radically new understanding of cancer - one that revolutionizes the current cancer model. On average, today's conventional treatments of killing, cutting out or burning cancerous cells offer most patients a remission rate of a mere 7 percent, and the majority of these survivors are cured for no more than just five years. Prominent cancer researchers have suggested that individuals may, in fact, fare better undergoing no conventional treatment. Any published success figures in cancer survival statistics are offset by equal or better outcomes among those receiving no treatment at all. More people are killed by cancer treatments than are saved by them.

Cancer Is Not a Disease shows you why traditional cancer treatments and even cancer diagnoses are often fatal, what actually causes cancer, and how you can remove the obstacles that prevent the body from healing itself. Cancer is not an attempt on your life; on the contrary, this "terrible disease" is the body's final, desperate effort to save your life. Unless we change our perception of what cancer really is, it will continue to threaten the life of nearly 1 out of every 2 people. This book opens a door for those who wish to turn feelings of victimhood into empowerment and self-mastery, and disease into health.

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