Voices of Our Veterans : Honoring the War Veterans of Mason County, West Virginia

Voices of Our Veterans : Honoring the War Veterans of Mason County, West Virginia


Voices of Our Veterans captures the memories of twenty-seven war veterans from Mason County, West Virginia, as told to high school students, preserving their stories of heroism, perseverance, and sacrifice for the ages. This compilation of biographies was authored by Walter Raynes's eleventh grade Language Arts students at Wahama High School during the spring semester of 2009. Wahama, a small rural school with an enrollment of approximately 430 students in grades seven through twelve, rests along the Ohio River in the area of Mason County known as the "Big Bend."

Through their efforts and participation in this project, these twenty-four first-time published writers not only honed their skills in the areas of writing, technology, oral communication, and critical thinking, but they also gained a greater awareness and appreciation of the contributions and sacrifices of all veterans. During their interviews, these servicemen related their fears, their hardships, and their triumphs--some for the first time. Along the way, they shared a plethora of emotions as they led the students through their military journeys.

"We hope you enjoy reading about these everyday men who we consider our local heroes."

―Mr. Walter Raynes

"Now more than ever, stories like these must be told...and lessons learned lest we forget, lest we forget. What some of the youth of Wahama High School accomplished was they kept the library of knowledge of twenty-seven veterans from being lost to future generations."

-Medal of Honor winner Woody Williams

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