Internet Technologies and Information Services, 2nd Edition

Internet Technologies and Information Services, 2nd Edition


The Internet has enabled the convergence of all things information-related. This book provides essential, foundational knowledge of the application of Internet and web technologies in the information and library professions.

Internet Technologies and Information Services: Second Edition is a vital asset to students preparing for careers in library and information science and provides expanded coverage to important new developments while still covering Internet foundations. In addition to networking, the Internet, HTML, web design, web programming, XML, and web searching, this new edition covers additional topics such as cloud computing, content management systems, eBook technologies, mobile technologies and applications, relational database management systems (RDMS), open source software, and virtual private networking. It also provides information on virtualization and related systems, including desktop virtualization systems.

With clear and simple explanations, the book helps students form a solid, basic IT knowledge that prepares them for more advanced studies in technology. It supplies an introductory history of the Internet and an examination of current trends with specific emphasis on how online information access affects the LIS fields. Author Joseph B. Miller, MSLS, explains Internet protocols and current broadband connectivity options; Internet security issues and steps to take to block threats; building the web with markup languages, programming, and content management systems; and elements of information access on the web: content formats, information retrieval, and Internet search.

Covers a broad spectrum of Internet technologies within the context of knowledge and skills needed by LIS students and professionals in related fields

Identifies key issues related to the use of Internet technologies in libraries and other information organizations

Helps students understand and apply the basic vocabulary and principles of computer software, hardware, and networks

Identifies the various roles that the web, social media, and mobile 2.0 play in the context of libraries and the LIS profession

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