How to Build Android Apps with Kotlin : A hands-on guide to developing, testing, and publishing your first apps with Android

How to Build Android Apps with Kotlin : A hands-on guide to developing, testing, and publishing your first apps with Android


Master the fundamentals of Android programming and apply your skills to create scalable and reliable apps using industry best practices

Key Features

Build apps with Kotlin, Google's preferred programming language for Android development
Unlock solutions to development challenges with guidance from experienced Android professionals
Improve your apps by adding valuable features that make use of advanced functionality

Book DescriptionAre you keen to get started building Android 11 apps, but don't know where to start? How to Build Android Apps with Kotlin is a comprehensive guide that will help kick-start your Android development practice.

This book starts with the fundamentals of app development, enabling you to utilize Android Studio and Kotlin to get started building Android projects. You'll learn how to create apps and run them on virtual devices through guided exercises. Progressing through the chapters, you'll delve into Android's RecyclerView to make the most of lists, images, and maps, and see how to fetch data from a web service.

Moving ahead, you'll get to grips with testing, learn how to keep your architecture clean, understand how to persist data, and gain basic knowledge of the dependency injection pattern. Finally, you'll see how to publish your apps on the Google Play store.

You'll work on realistic projects that are split up into bitesize exercises and activities, allowing you to challenge yourself in an enjoyable and attainable way. You'll build apps to create quizzes, read news articles, check weather reports, store recipes, retrieve movie information, and remind you where you parked your car.

By the end of this book, you'll have the skills and confidence to build your own creative Android applications using Kotlin.

What you will learn

Create maintainable and scalable apps using Kotlin
Understand the Android development lifecycle
Simplify app development with Google architecture components
Use standard libraries for dependency injection and data parsing
Apply the repository pattern to retrieve data from outside sources
Publish your app on the Google Play store

Who this book is forIf you want to build your own Android applications using Kotlin but are unsure of how to begin, then this book is for you. To easily grasp the concepts in this book, it is recommended that you already have a basic understanding of Kotlin, or experience in a similar programming language and a willingness to brush up on Kotlin before you start.

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